KLASSE | JEANS NEEDLES, size 90/14, Steel

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Made with Japanese Steel for Unmatched Precision.

PRODUCT TYPE : Needles - Machine


COUNT : 6 per pack

SIZE : sz 90/14

Jeans needles have sharp tips and strong shafts for sewing heavier fabrics or for going through more layers of fabric, such as with bags, foundation paper piecing and binding.

The thinner the material you are sewing, the thinner gauge needle you need. Heavy fabrics, or thicker projects will need thicker gauge needles. Both regular-point and ball-point needles come in sizes ranging from the thin size 8, to heavy 16 gauge and even heavy-duty sizes up to 19.

You will sometimes see these needle sizes labeled by gauge and also by needle diameter. So a size 9 gauge needle will sometimes be labeled as size 70/9; size 11 might say 80/11; then there are sizes 90/14, 100/16 and 110/18. The larger numbers refer to the needle’s thickness, in millimeters. US measurements are by gauge, European measurements use diameter.

Size 14 (European 90) – Choose when sewing medium-weight fabrics such as rayon, gabardine, satin, chino, linen, denim; thick quilts. Use ballpoint size 14 for light to medium-weight knits such as tricot or jersey.

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